Simply put, The Well is a church community in the city of Ludlow, Kentucky. We exist to create an environment in which we can all grow in a loving, learning, and living relationship with God, our Father, through Jesus, His Son and our Savior, and by the help and strength of the Holy Spirit.

We believe church is bigger than Sunday morning. It’s not a building or a place we go to once or twice a week. The church is the collection of people that pursue meaningful relationships with God and each other. Work, school, laundry mat, dance class, backyard barbecue, bowling alley — these are the places where we all have the chance to live life to its fullest.

We weren’t meant to do this alone. The strength of the church lies within its community. Relationships are an irreplaceable part of the full life that God gives — anything from the simple hello to your neighbor, to the deep relationships that provide our greatest source of strength, encouragement, and love. We don’t want to just see each other for an hour or two on Sunday. We want to be a part of a vibrant, growing community.


Burning questions? Constructive comments? Simply curious?

 859.982.WELL (9355)